TMPRO (Transponder Maker PRO)

Useful tool, for many years recognized as one of the best devices designed to help job with transponder, key, immobilisers programming.

Transponder Maker Pro (also known as TMPro and TMPro2 keymaker) is a programmer and softwares for transponder key making, transponder key programming, transponder key copying and PIN / security code calculating.

Programmer has to be connected to USB port of computer, it does not require external power supply. Main software user interface supports 14 languages. Programmer and all softwares are auto-updateable to latest version available on server. TMPro has modular construction. Each module are payable and generally supports one type of immobox. You can purchase TMPro programmer without any additional softwares and use it only with main software also.

Free functions of TMPro that comes with main software are:

  • reading and displaying important data of transponders (serial number, secret key status, configurations, encoding mode etc.).
  • reading mileage, VIN and manifacturer part number (where these are stored in key).
  • reading and writing of 93cXX, 24cXX, 25cXXX, 95cXXX, S29190, X5328, some Motorola 912/9S12, Microchip PIC18F252.
  • reading Motorola HC805P18 (requires additional adapter).
  • unlocking of locked Megamos Crypto ID48 transponder.
  • changing mileage in BMW CAS,FEM and BDC keys.

TMPro works with immobilisers eeprom dumps. You must have electronic knowledges and to know how to use soldering-desoldering tools and memory devices programmers. It is your choice what programmer you will use for reading and writing of memory devices – integrated in TMPro memory device programmer or external. In order to program transponder you have to remove immobox from vehicle, desolder memory device or solder wires on testpoints, and read it. Next step is to program transponder. Last step is to solder back memory device, reassemble immobox and fit back to car.

Supported transponders:

  • Hitag2 : PCF7936, PCF7946, PCF7947 / Silca T14 or JMA TP12
  • Texas DST / Texas Crypto / Silca 4D-60, JMA TP06, TP19
  • Sokymat Magic / Megamos Crypto / Silca T6, JMA TP08
  • Sokymat Nova, also known as Silca T5 or JMA TP05
  • Philips PCF 7935 / Silca T15 or JMA TP14
  • Chinese CN1, CN2, CN5, YS-01, K-JMD
  • JMA TPX3, TPX4 / Errebi TX4, TX4A
  • JMA TPX1 / Errebi TX1
  • JMA TPX2 / Errebi TX2

Probably everyone who deals with car electronics, if not have TMPro2 at least knows about this tool. All software modules working perfectly, lifetime warranty, great and fast technical support. It's hard to find a device in this industry, which would offer similar conditions. Of course TMPro doesn't do everything and can be argued about the prices of some software modules, but here you can always be sure that each module will work properly and you will get fast support.

Repair 10x faster. Unlock all car immobilisers.

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