VVDI2 key programmer

A tool for perform basic diagnostics of vehicle electronic systems, as well as some special functions such as key programming, module adaptation etc.

Main unit of VVDI2 made of a very good quality, strong plastic and is really nice and ergonomic. Transponder Programmer Coil, Interface, Remotes Frequency Meter etc. are integrated in one comfortable case with additional ports for future options. Manufacturer supplies VVDI2 device with a comfortable carrying case, and cable set (USB, OBD2, Remotes Programming).

Windows based software is relatively easy to use and resembles the user interface known from Abrites products. Updates are frequent, but rarely contain new features. VVDI2 software requires mandatory online synchronization with the server every 31 days.


  • Transponder Programmer
  • VAG Diagnostic / Special
  • BMW Special
  • PSA Special
  • PORSCHE Special
  • PassThru

Functions of VVDI2 deppending on purchased version. Generally, VAG, PORSCHE, PSA, BMW and other modules are purchased separately. It is also possible to purchase the FULL version (all functions active).

It should be remembered that the purchase of a particular module / function does not always mean that it can be used without additional costs (at least at the time of publication of this text). Some of the features require a "VVDI token" fee with every single use or/and purchase of an additional external device (e.g. the ability to copy ID48 96bit transponders).

VVDI2 - transponder programmer

VVDI2 Transponder Programmer function enables a number of standard operation of transponder/key: Autodetect, Cloning/Duplicate, Read/Write. Next feature is a "Special Transponder" for prepare original manufacture key for programming it to the car with PIN (TP22 for Seat, ID44 for VW etc.). VVDI2 Transponder Programmer include also "immobiliser Data Tool" enables to prepare transponder/key based on eeprom file read from immobox; Prepared transponder/key is ready to start the vehicle without additional programming. VVDI2 enables also unlock several transponder and keys with eeprom (e.g. Audi A6/4F with Megamos 8E -> EZS-Kessy eeprom file). Details on each feature and function can be found in the manufacturer's instruction manual.

Generally, possibilities and functions of VVDI2 Transponder Programmer are comparable to other, similar tools in this indruistry. The range of supported transponders and additional functions are sufficient to basic operate of relatively large number of vehicles.


VVDI2 enables basic diagnostics of electronic systems with read/clear dtc's, coding and programming modules etc. However, here is no help here like "vag coding helper" or similar. Special functions enable to flash ECU with original flash file (odx, frf, sgo), key programming with several way, reset component protection on the some of modules, eeprom files calculator (ECU Immo Off, PIN, Mileage etc.), adaptation some of used modules, reading and change mileage in some of ECU/Instrument Cluster, reading PIN/CS/MAC and others. Details on each feature, function, supported models and modules can be found in the manufacturer's instruction manual.

Generally, possibilities and functions of VVDI2 for VAG vehicles are useful and in many ways are similar as Abrites VAG Commander. Below are a few screenshots of VVDI2 for VAG software


VVDI2 for BMW not enable diagnostic functions, module coding and similar for all elektronic systems. It's intended mainly for read data and programming of EWS/CAS and keys in BMW vehicles. With this tool you can programming key and change mileage via OBD2, CAS/EWS plug or eeprom file in EWS and CAS modules. VVDI2 for BMW is able also to sync DME with CAS, CAS with ELV, clear dtc's in CAS and read/write ISN from some modules. Details on each feature, function, supported models and modules can be found in the manufacturer's instruction manual.

VVDI2 for BMW not offer extraordinary functions and not support more modules than other similar this level tools on the market, but can be a useful addition to Full version od VVDI2, making the tool more versatile.

VVDI2 - Porsche

VVDI2 for Porsche is intended for key programming in Porsche cars. The key programming procedure with this tool is not simple and requires to use an additional programmer. For programming key must be removed immo module (Kessy/BCM/PCM) from the car, disassemble it, read eeprom/uC manualy with other tool, load the eeprom dump to VVDI2 and prepare new key. VVDI2 will generate a new file which should be write manually with other tool to immo module. Details about step by step procedures, each feature, function, supported models and modules should be found in the manufacturer's instruction manual.


VVDI2 for PSA it's really a small addition to other VVDI2 functions only, able to read PinCode and learn keys in some models of Peugeot / Citroen vehicles. It support CAN line protocol only and for operation required a working key.

Other function / features of VVDI2

In addition to the functions mentioned above, VVDI2 can support Toyota H transponder, cloning of ID48 96bit transponders (required additional device and fee with each use), passthru driver and and some other minor features. Details on each feature, function, supported vehicles, modules etc should be found on website and documentation of the manufacturer's.

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